Wednesday, May 02, 2007

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Satisfaction Guaranteed by Lucy Monroe

I'd been eagerly awaiting Lucy Monroe's latest, the first in a new series, for some time. I loved her Ready, Willing, and Able series. So I was expecting good things from Satisfaction Guaranteed. However, I was sorely disappointed in Satisfaction Guaranteed.

I rarely get frustrated with romance novels. There are some things you just accept about the genre and generally I overlook the cliched elements that often pop-up. It's entertainment. I'm not looking for or expecting a literary masterpiece. However, I found myself literally rolling my eyes while reading Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Beth's internal monologues, while she and Ethan were supposed to be in the throws of passion, were tedious, distracting and terribly cliched. As far as hero's go, I felt Ethan was quite lacking. I didn't feel like either character had any real depth. Rarely, do I have to struggle so much through a book. I was so bummed to, as I 'd so been looking forward to this. Hopefully, the next in the series will be better.....

Grade: C